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In June of 1963, Conservatory Director Charles Kent received this letter from the Maryland Commission on Interracial Problems and Relations. It congratulated him on a recent decision to remove racial indicators from Peabody applications.

The same week that Brown v. Board of Education was decided, Kenneth Hjelmervik, Director of Music Education in the Baltimore Public Schools, wrote to Virginia Carty asking for help accommodating several African-American students in need of a teacher.…

In this letter, Conservatory Dean Virginia Carty asks Institute President William Marbury what to do if African-American students apply to the Peabody Summer School.

In this letter, Rowland Posey, Director of the Peabody Summer School, suggests to Institute President William Marbury that African-American students be admitted to the Summer School.

After several years of listing Douglass High School students separately from students enrolled at other Preparatory campuses, the title was changed to “Negro Schools.” This makes it clear that these students were separated in this categorization…

This is a list of courses, scholarships, and branch schools at the Peabody Preparatory. In this list, “DHS” represents Douglass High School.

This page from the 1940-1941 Peabody Preparatory Daybook lists recipients of Carnegie Scholarships. Students from Douglass High School, a black high school before integration, are listed separately from the students enrolled at other Preparatory…

Trumpet player Wilmer Wise was the first African-American faculty member at the Peabody Institute and the first African-American member of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

Crystal Larkins sent this letter to Peabody Public Relations Director Anne Garside following Ellis Larkins’ receipt of an honorary Bachelor’s Degree from Johns Hopkins the month before.
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