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Grace Notes in American History

Scavenger Hunt

You may have noticed some images on the walls and cases of the gallery. These images—including a beetle, kittens, a submarine, a hot air balloon, a whimsical airplane, a witch, a sitting demon, and a flying beer bottle— are all pulled from the covers of songs displayed around you. Can you find which sheet music cover each image is from?


Answers can be found below.

1. Witch on Broomstick

Answer: Over the Rainbow

2. Sitting Demon

Answer: Witches' Dance

3. Flying Bottle

Answer: Every Day Will Be Sunday

4. Beetle

Answer: Anna Mary'e

5. Two Kittens

Answer: Home Sweet Home

6. Submarine

Answer: The Argonaut

7. Whimsical airplane and balloon

Answer: Maid in the Moon