Carmela Ponselle Vaudeville Collage

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Carmela Ponselle Vaudeville Collage


From Left: 1. Photograph of Carmela Ponselle with roses and long hair and inscription "To dear little Parepa [sp?] with love and success, Carmela Ponzillo." With mark from REM Studio, 145 W. 45th St, New York.

2. Photograph of Carmela Ponselle in headband and braid with inscription "To charming Elise Lyon, Sincerely yours, Carmela Ponselle May 24, 20". Photo by Lumiere.

3. Photograph of Carmela Ponselle as Carmen with fan and rose in hair along with lacy cloak by Lumiere. With inscription "To Mr. Apfelbaum, Sincerest wishes, Carmela Ponselle." Typed note on reverse reads "Presented to Mrs. Florence Nerden's father.

4. Photograph of Carmela Ponselle in 20s flapper dress with flower in hair with inscription "To charming Rosa as ever yours, Carmela Ponselle, Sept. 1922"


Collage: Claire G. Weber
From Left: 1. No Creator
2. REM Studio
3. Lumiere
4. Mishkin


From Left: 1. Late 1910's
2. 1920 May 24
3. 1920's
4. 1922 September


From Left: 1. RPF352, 2. RPF135, 3. RPF176, 4. RP 361-1

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Arthur Friedheim Library, the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University.