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Baltimore Sun Aug. 22, 1982 "Risen from the Ashes" article by Marie Forbes includes color photo spread of Villa Pace when it opens as a museum.

Seated, from left to right: 1) Prof. G. C. Whipple; 2) Dr. G. C. Shattuck; 3) Miss H. Bailey; 4) Miss A. Fitzgerald; 5) Dr. R. P. Strong; 6) Miss G. Cowlin; 7) Dr. Lina Potter; 8) Mr. H. E. Scarborough. Standing, from left to right: 1) Mr. C. R.…

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The petition to President Hoover by 55 of 216 identified Black Gold Star Mothers forced the State Department to issue a public statement that guaranteed Black women “equal accommodation, care, and consideration.” The Black community’s public…
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