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Zionist Society organised--042.png
The Zionist society was founded and organized largely with support of Jewish faculty, especially Professor David Blondheim. He became the first editor ofKadimah, the journal of the Intercampus Zionist Council. The Baltimore chapter helped lead the…

Zionist society ad--010.pdf
This is one of the first times the University Zionist Society shows up in the records. The Zionist Society, though primarily focused on the nascent Jewish state, also served as a generally Jewish club, especially as the Menorah Society dwindled in…

Zionist dance attendance--047.png
over 50 couples went

young josephine_result.jpg
A young Josephine. She challenged the prevailing image of beauty for Black women.

Rabin in NL--065.png
As Israel's Ambassador to the United States, Yitzhak Rabin visited and gave a lecture at Johns Hopkins. This was facilitated by the University in partnership with the JSA, and even included a visit between University President Steven Muller and…
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