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Hopkins and the Great War

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Hopkins and the Great War


This is an artificial collection of materials assembled for the Hopkins and the Great War exhibit. The majority of the materials are from the Ferdinand Hamburger University Archives, the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives, and the Library of Congress WWI Poster Collection.

Collection Items

Five Thousand by June
Under the leadership of Clara Noyes, 1896 graduate of the Johns Hopkins Training School for Nurses, the Red Cross enrolled nearly 24,000 nurses during the war. They served on active duty in the Army, Navy, U.S. Public Health Service, with the Red…

Join the Air Service and Serve in France
World War I marked the first US aerial combat operations, and a time of rapid innovation and development in the field of wartime aviation. This poster captures the spirit of adventure associated with the Air Service.

Enlist - On Which Side of the Window Are You?
Laura Brey’s poster calls on middle and upper class men (such as the students and faculty of Hopkins) to enlist. In it, a man in a suit stands in a shadowy room, pensively watching a bright and bold military display outside.

Food is Ammunition - Don't Waste It
This poster makes the connection between frugal use of food (here, produce possibly homegrown in a Victory Garden) and success on the front lines of battle. Many government posters encouraged less waste and limited use of products like wheat, meat,…

Photograph of German soldiers being quartered in French homes
War-Chronicle was a periodical published by the German government in several languages, with the aim of depicting or exaggerating German successes and strength in order to influence opinions in foreign nations. This item can be found in the papers of…

The Giant Octopus
Propaganda aimed at American audiences came from both sides of the conflict. In The British Black Book, the author assigns blame for the global conflict to England, depicted here as a giant octopus destroying other nations. This item can be found in…

Help Them - Keep Your War Savings Pledge
This poster depicts soldiers firing machine guns with a stream of War Savings Stamps forming a gun cartridge. Americans were encouraged to buy the stamps to help fund the US involvement in the war, and posters like this one both raised awareness of…

Destroy This Mad Brute - Enlist - US Army
With its terrifying gorilla in a German military helmet reaching the shores of America, leaving a devastated Europe behind, this propaganda poster uses fear of the enemy as a military recruitment tool. Anti-German propaganda themes contributed to the…

They Need Us Over There
The Red Cross sent a medical relief ship with 170 doctors and nurses near the outbreak of the war in 1914 to provide assistance to the wounded on both sides of the conflict. Hopkins doctors and nurses served on the Mercy Ship expedition. With the US…
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