Letter from Karl Porter to Charles Kent


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Letter from Karl Porter to Charles Kent


Karl Porter sent this letter to Charles Kent informing him of his decision not to return to Peabody.

Dr. Kent,

I will not hesitate to tell you that the check you had sent to me arrived right on time! Thanks again for saving me!!!
Today, Pierre Monteux himself asked me to return next year. He wants me to perform the Mozart Bassoon Concerto at one of his concerts! Can you imagine!? Me!!!! Monteux-Concerto!!!
Since you are well aware of the problems and conflicts I was confronted with in Baltimore, I won’t elaborate on my decision to leave Peabody. I wish now things had worked out differently. The only consolation I can receive having decided to leave, is knowing that you are behind me 100%.

Fondest Regards,
Karl Hampton Porter

P.S. By the way, the check was made out for $40.00.


Karl Porter


Letter from Karl Hampton Porter to Charles Kent, 1963 August 23, Folder 8 (P), VII.A.14, Conservatory of Music Series A: Office of the Director Subseries 6: 1963-64 General Files M-R, Arthur Friedheim Library, Peabody Institute, The Johns Hopkins University.


1963 August 23


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