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As one might expect, a good portion of Daniel Coit Gilman's correspondence is to educators or on the topic of education. After accepting the position as the founding president of Johns Hopkins University and creating an institution that broke the mold of higher education in the United States, Gilman gained ever increasing renown as an educator. In short order, Gilman became a leading light of education in the United States. Correspondents featured below include fellow prominent educators and benefactors of education: Gilman's Yale classmate Andrew Dickson White; Noah Porter, president of Yale; James B. Angell, president of the University of Michigan; and Johns Hopkins University trustee James Carey Thomas (on the subject of admitting women to the School of Medicine). It is though correspondence with these and other colleagues that Gilman and his fellow educators often expressed their educational ideals, creating a remarkable resource for those seeking to understand the evolution of higher education in the United States.