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Alice Fitzgerald's World War I diary


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Alice Fitzgerald's World War I diary


This diary documents Alice Fitzgerald's nursing service with the British Expeditionary Forces in France. It describes the layout and condition of the wards, the weather for the day, and descriptions of troops, patients, ward books, and personal experiences. It contains numerous sketches illustrating a nurse's uniform, hospital beds, cabinets, ships, tents, building and camp layouts, maps, and a scheme of hospitals and care.

[Transcript of page]
Nov 26, 1916
“Four sisters left reducing our staff to the regulation number of 9. I have taken over another tent so that I am quite busy with a possible capacity as follows
S1 40
S2 50
S3 40
S4 70
Yesterday I had 147
S1 30
S2 40
S3 17
S4 60

If it were not for service of the very good orderlies it would not be possible to do it.
Plan of shelter ward [image depicts location of supplies, latrine, pantry, B.P., blankets]
This just allowed one to get between shelters for dressings.
Huts outside
Canvas partitions not leading to ceiling
My cubicle [image depicts location of table, oil lamp, bed, window, trunk, shelf stand, wash stand and chair]


Fitzgerald, Alice




2 diary pages : pencil and pen on paper ; 8.75 x 7.25 in.


Item 239317 [Drawing of soldier in trench]
Item 239320 [Page from diary showing capacity and layout of wards]