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Photograph of the Ponselle family with two dogs outside on a bench. Handwritten note on reverse: "Carmela Ponzillo Ponselle Family of Meriden, Ct."

Photograph of Rosa & Carmela Ponselle Print with long hair and head bands [by Lumiere NY? Cut off at lower left corner] with some pastel ornamentations.

Photograph of Carmela Ponselle on side in gown used as postcard, addressed to Harry Heuschkel, Rockville Center, N.Y. "Best wishes to you - Carmela Ponselle 1949." Picture side also has autograph "To Harry Heuschkel" and stamped "Best Wishes, Carmela…

Photograph of Carmela Ponselle as Amneris. Back stamped "From Sundelson Associates, 11 West 42nd Street, New York City Longacre 5-4423" and "Jan 1933" with blurb about Carmela Ponselle singing Amneris in a benefit performance.

Photograph of Carmela Ponselle as Santuzza in Mascagni's Cavalleria Rusticana wearing a laced bodice and shawl looking up.

Photograph of Carmela Ponselle in Carmen long fringe dress with cigarette with faint writing to Rosa Ponselle: "Carmela Ponselle as Carmen 1940; Blessings sister, Carmela Ponzillo Ponselle, 12/59, 2nd Act of Carmen"

Photograph of Carmela Ponselle as Carmen with headdress and lacy veil holding fan with inscription "To Jaroslar Bures, Cordially Yours, Carmela Ponselle"

Photograph of Carmela Ponselle as Dalilah in white long gown and floral wreath. Inscription "Carmela Ponselle as Dalilah." Reverse has handwritten "Carmela Ponselle Former Mezzo of Met. O. H."

Photograph of Rosa and Carmela Ponselle for press for "La Gioconda" at the Metropolitan Opera with newspaper clipping on the back "Associated Press Photo. Play 'Sister Act' in Opera. Rosa (right) and Carmela Ponselle, both famous in grand opera,…

Carmela vaudeville.jpg
From Left: 1. Photograph of Carmela Ponselle with roses and long hair and inscription "To dear little Parepa [sp?] with love and success, Carmela Ponzillo." With mark from REM Studio, 145 W. 45th St, New York.

2. Photograph of Carmela Ponselle in…
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