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Photograph of Rosa Ponselle as Carmen close up with fan and matador hat with ornate shoulders, costume designed by Valentina.

Program for Rosa Ponselle as Carmen at the Metropolitan Opera, January 25, 1936. Special performance benefiting French Benevolent Society and Hospital. Cast includes Burke, Votipka, Oelheim, Giovanni Martinelli, Pinza, Bada, with Hasselmans…

Photograph of Carmela Ponselle as Carmen with headdress and lacy veil holding fan with inscription "To Jaroslar Bures, Cordially Yours, Carmela Ponselle"

Photograph of Carmela Ponselle in Carmen long fringe dress with cigarette with faint writing to Rosa Ponselle: "Carmela Ponselle as Carmen 1940; Blessings sister, Carmela Ponzillo Ponselle, 12/59, 2nd Act of Carmen"

Photograph of Rosa Ponselle as Carmen with tambourine.

Photograph of Rosa Ponselle in Carmen costume designed by Valentina, signed "Sincerely Rosa Ponselle."
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