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Crystal Larkins sent this letter to Peabody Public Relations Director Anne Garside following Ellis Larkins’ receipt of an honorary Bachelor’s Degree from Johns Hopkins the month before.

This letter from Johns Hopkins University President Steven Muller to pianist Ellis Larkins congratulates Larkins on his recent receipt of an honorary Bachelor’s Degree from Johns Hopkins.

After receiving a letter from Crystal Larkins about the experiences her husband, pianist Ellis Larkins, had at Peabody, Conservatory Director Robert Pierce responded with this letter.

Although he studied with Peabody faculty members off campus, pianist Ellis Larkins could not officially enroll at Peabody because of his race. He received this acceptance and scholarship letter from the Juilliard School of Music during the summer…

Pianist Ellis Larkins, a Baltimore native and child prodigy, was never allowed to enroll at the Peabody campus. This enrollment record from the 1939-1940 school year notes his studies with Peabody faculty member Pasquale Tallarico who taught him at…

In 1936, young pianist Ellis Larkins performed this recital at the Phipps Auditorium (likely at Johns Hopkins Hospital) for the benefit of the Peabody Institute. Larkins was used to raise funds for Peabody despite their refusal to accept him to the…

In 1984, the year before Ellis Larkins received an honorary Bachelor's Degree from The Johns Hopkins University, his wife, Crystal Larkins, sent this letter to Robert Pierce, Director of the Peabody Conservatory.

Ellis Larkins was a childhood piano prodigy from Baltimore, MD. He was famous within Baltimore at a very young age, making his debut with the City Colored Orchestra in 1934 at the age of six. Although taught by Peabody faculty members, Larkins was…
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