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Response from J. Hambleton Ober to William L. Marbury

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Response from J. Hambleton Ober to William L. Marbury


In this letter, J. Hambleton Ober, a member of the Peabody Institute Board of Trustees, responds to William L. Marbury with his opinion on the admission of Paul A. Brent to the Conservatory.

Dear Billy -
I am sorry to have been so slow in answering your letter but we were on a trip to the White Mountain in New Hampshire and no mail was forwarded.
At first I was inclined to disagree with you and the others about the advisability of admitting a negro student to the Conservatory. However after giving further consideration to this problem I find that I am in agreement with you provided it is not used to set a precedent but that each future case will be decided upon its merits.
It seems to me that a line, perhaps a fine one, can be drawn between other activities of the Conservatory and the Advance [sic] Department which requires individual instruction rather than work in the Classroom.
We have been thinking of all you in [illegible] but not with the same sympathy as ordinarily because the heat has been pretty bad up here and the fields are burned to a crisp with little or no rain for the past two months and more. Charlotte sends her love to Natalie.


J. Hambleton Ober


Letter from J. Hambleton Ober to William L. Marbury, 1949 August 2, Wm. L. Marbury 1949 July-Dec Folder 1, Box 27, Peabody Institute Board of Trustees records, PIRG.02 Series C: Officers, Arthur Friedheim Library, Peabody Institute, The Johns Hopkins University.


1949 August 2