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Discrimination in Administrative Policies correspondence

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Discrimination in Administrative Policies correspondence


In 1952, Conservatory Dean Virginia Carty received a letter from Walter E. Hager, President of Wilson Teachers College in Washington, D.C., as a follow up to a 1950 Regional Conference on Discrimination in College Administration. Hager asked for a report on any change in discriminatory policies, enrollment of minority students, and creating a more inclusive culture. Conservatory Director Reginald Stewart told Carty, “We have nothing to report,” and Carty responded by saying that “our policy is to accept students for regular work in the Conservatory whenever they are ready to undertake the course. This is done regardless of race, religion or creed.” This statement is significant because no discussion of this policy had been recorded since the determination in 1949 that African-American students would be accepted to the Conservatory on a case-by-case basis only.


Walter E. Hager, Virginia Carty, Reginald Stewart


Discrimination in Administrative Policies correspondence, 1952 November 10, 17, December 19, Regional Conf. on Discrimination...Nov. 1952, 40-53 Dean’s Correspondence, Arthur Friedheim Library, Peabody Institute, The Johns Hopkins University.


1952 November 10, 17, December 19