Photograph of a Surgery in the General Operating Room

Surgery in the Johns Hopkins Hospital Base Hospital No. 18, General Operating Room, August 1917

At the Johns Hopkins Hospital and School of Medicine, war touched every aspect of university and hospital life. This section of the exhibit explores the war’s effects through six topics. Neutral Interventions examines the experiences of the nurses and surgeons who served in Europe before the US declared war in 1917. Hopkins on the Western Front focuses on the history of Base Hospital No. 18 – a U.S. Army facility that was operated by Johns Hopkins Hospital staff in France. Hopkins on the Home Front looks at the war’s profound impact on the life of the campus and hospital from the vantage point of a medical student. Art, Propaganda and Medicine features examples of the stunning lithographic posters created to mobilize medical personnel and responses to war-related health problems. Lessons of War probes the effects of the war on research and disciplines. Legacies: WWII to the Present reflects on the legacy of early twentieth-century warfare for medicine and public health at Hopkins today.