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Joannes Annius, Antiquitatum variarum

Antiquitatum variarum volumina XVII Antiquitatum variarum volumina XVII

Joannes Annius, Antiquitatum variarum volumina XVII, (Paris, 1515)

This is a verbatim reprint of the 1512 edition of Annius's great forgery by Josse Bade and Jean Petit, which was the first complete reprinting of the Antiquities to correct the earlier garbled ordering of chapters.

Bade criticized Annius for being too "intent on exalting his homeland," but praised him as a "diligent researcher and commentator" who "has brought forth many things that aid in understanding the origins and genealogies of Christian kings and kingdoms, and even of Christ Himself." The latter refers to Annius's ingenious forged resolution of disagreements over Christ's genealogy in the gospels, which he attributed to Philo of Alexandria, a respected ancient Jewish Bible commentator.