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Grace Notes in American History

Throughout the exhibit, you'll find question prompts. You can enter a response to these prompts on the corresponding page in this digital exhibit. These responses are reviewed and uploaded to this page within 48 hours. 

Collecting the Songs: What is the most cherished object or collection you own?

  • I've been collecting Playbills and concert programs since I was in middle school-- they're probably worthless to anyone but me, but I find great joy in sitting down every few years to reminisce on everything I've seen. 
  • Photo of my grandmother by Sol Mednick, State Street, New Haven, c. 1900. (Not sure if it is related to Mednick Gallery in Philadelphia.)

  • Connecticut concert ticket for The Clash

  • Miniatures

  • Family pictures

Illustrious Autographs: What value does an autograph add to a historic object for you?

  • For me, while an autograph may add financial value,  it also adds a layer of surrealness-- this person actually held this piece of paper in their hand. 
  • Not much

Tin Pan Alley: How do these marketing practices for music continue today?

  • I definitely notice musical celebrities being used in advertising-- I just saw Lil Nas X and Elton John in an ad together for Uber eats

Love Songs: How have you used music to express love-- to yourself or others?

  • My parents listened to Tony Bennett's "Because of You" on every anniversary of their wedding

Songs of War: How have you noticed music being used in relation to warfare or violence today?


Colorful Covers: Which song caught your eye first? Which one would you buy?


Protest Movements: Think of a movement you care about or participate in. How have you been moved by music to contribute or participate in that movement?

  • Cindy Lauper's True Colors helped lead the way for diversity and inclusion