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The curator would like to thank the following for their indispensable help on this project: Jenny Kinniff and Jim Stimpert, for aiding and facilitating the project and archival research; Prof. Ken Moss, for being my faculty sponsor and encouraging me to propose this project; Joanna Church at the Jewish Museum of Maryland, for facilitating my research in their archives; Debbie Pine and Lani Roskes, for aiding me in finding alumni interviewees; Jamie Edwards ('11), Efrem Epstein ('90), Karen Estrin ('90), Gail Kaden ('81), Heinan Landa ('87), and Bob Spielmann ('59), for sharing with me invaluable stories about and images of Johns Hopkins; the late Hugh Hawkins, for establishing this grant and exercising his deep love for Hopkins; and my parents Stuart and Michelle Anfang, for encouraging this project, editing it, and everything else.

The exhibit's curator Michael Anfang ('19) created this exhibit as one of three inaugural Hugh Hawkins Research Fellows for the Study of Hopkins History, named after and established by long-time Amherst professor and author of Pioneer: A History of the Johns Hopkins University Hugh Hawkins (Ph.D. '54).  Michael studies History and Philosophy, focussing on late medieval and early modern religious history.