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  • Denominations-different streams of American Judaism, namely Reconstructionist, Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox, which traditionally increase in that order in terms of levels of observance.
  • Falafel-the Israeli and Near Eastern chickpea fritter.
  • Hillel-an international foundation which supports and facilitates Jewish life on college campuses.
  • Kosher-the set of Jewish dietary laws that prohibit, among other things, mixing milk and meat, eating shellfish or pork, and eating meat that has not been ritually slaughtered.
  • Minyan-a quorum needed for some Jewish prayer, consisting of ten Jewish adults (in some denominations 10 men, in others men and women can count equally).
  • Purim-a Jewish holiday usually around March commemorating the salvation of the Jews from an attempted genocide in what is now Persia.  It is celebrated by having a festive party with a reading of the scroll of Esther which recounts the story, dressing in costumes, and eating special cookies.
  • Semitics-the area of study on ancient Near-Eastern culture, history, and philology.
  • Shabbat-the Jewish sabbath, during which Jews traditionally abstain from work and business.  Shabbatons are convention-style gatherings of Jews to celebrate Shabbat together.
  • Spring Fair- the largest student-run public fair in the country, run annually in April at Johns Hopkins.
  • Synagogue-Jewish place of worship; also called "temple."
  • Zionism-the movement and philosophy that the Jewish people should have and maintain a Jewish national state in the historic land of Israel.